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Bull Terrier


English Bulldog

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​​​Hello and Welcome , we are the home of the Schoolyard Bullies.  We are here to Provide you with Healthy ,  Loving ,  French Bulldogs ,English Bulldogs ,  and English Bull Terriers which are born and raised in our very own homes.  We are family owned  and operated and are here for you.  We are located in Southern California.

 The  bull Terrier is known for being playful , clownish with a muscular build and distinguished  curved head. The Bull Terrier was recognized in 1885 by the AKC 

 The English Bulldog is sturdy smooth- haired breed with a large head, protruding lower jaw ,a flat wrinkled face,and broad chest. The Bulldog was recognized in 1886 by the AKC.

English Bulldog

SchoolYard Bullies

French Bulldog

 Bull Terrier 

 The French Bulldog is an active, intelligent dog of heavy bone, and medium or small structure. The French Bulldog was recognized in 1898 by the AKC.

French Bulldog Puppy
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